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online mba programs

Are you toiling with the idea of taking an online MBA degree? If so there are certain aspects that you should be aware of! Acquiring an MBA degree is vital to get a high salaried job and advancement up the commercial ladder. Today, a degree alone will not get you a good job nor will you have any hopes of further progress.

Online MBA's are generally cheaper when compared to a usual MBA program. The time needed to acquire the degree too is shorter. Traditional MBA course has a lot of theoretical learning to do while MBA courses include only what is needed. Hence the course can be completed fast and what you have to learn is less.

The most important thing you should check while choosing an online MBA course is whether the institution has proper accrediting. Accredited institutions offer good training to help you in your career. Keep away from institutions that are not accredited. Select the best institution so that your degree will have value. Timely Course delivery and interaction with teachers and other students is very important in an online education system. Academic support is essential to clear doubts, concerns and other problems. You should ensure you get all this before enrolling in a program.

Numerous online institutions have MBA courses. By joining them you can get an online MBA degree. In most cases courses can be taken on line. However, some institutions ask students to visit campus once in a while. There are advantages and disadvantages for this degree.

One of the most noted advantages is that you can choose the time for attending class. This is very useful for persons who work. Secondly, you can select a program that is most suitable to you in spite of the location. Location does not limit you in an online study program. Online MBA program is comparatively cheaper to traditional MBA programs. The tuition fee is not as high as in regular courses. You can avoid travel expenses too.

Certain disadvantages too are associated with online degree. Students should be well disciplined and motivated to achieve an online MBA degree. Students who are easily distracted will find the course difficult to complete. You don't have online choice for MBA students in every school. This makes it difficult to hit upon the right program. Classroom communication is compromised in this MBA program. You have to be satisfied with chat rooms and debates.

Students often doubt if they will be eligible to get a good job with an online MBA degree. Majority of online institutions offer equal value education just like traditional programs. They even have hiring events and job services to help students get good jobs after they graduate. Keeping in touch with former students of the program will give you an idea of the experiences they had while searching for a fitting job. Placement statistics of the school will let you get an idea of the chance a fresher has in finding a good job.

You can always get Online MBA degrees very easily.

Choice of a topic for MBA project

The prospects of getting a good job offer after getting an MBA degree are very high. Masters of Business Administration is a very satisfying course as once completed with dedication, it can lead to a brighter future. But the biggest roadblock for completing MBA is doing the MBA projects that can be difficult to accomplish. The major challenge for doing an MBA project is finding a good and unique topic. Students should keep in mind the below mentioned tips for finding a good MBA Project.

Your tutors are your best guides.

The best to find a relevant topic for your MBA Project is by seeking advice from your tutor or mentor. He can guide you and help you on deciding the best topic for your project. So, get disguise from finding good MBA Project by discussing with an advisor or your tutor. This doesn't mean that you can settle down on any topic suggested by the tutor. Think and just seek advice, rest all depends on you.

Real world topics are sure to catch eyes of the examiners:

The best example to explain this point is that a topic that is based on the lines of business and management practices would definitely attract an examiner. But then, also choose a topic of your field, the one in which you want to make your career.

Find a topic that fascinates you:

At the end the project has to be done by you, not your tutor or your parents. So, choose a topic that is possible for you to accomplish and the one that interests you as at the later stage a topic which already seems monotonous has very low expectancy to get completed. What you can do is think about all, what you have learned from your studies, throughout the semester and choose that topic which had always interested you. Your textbooks can prove as a major source of information for deciding the topic for your project.

Be assured of the final outcome:

This has to be kept in mind that the topic you choose is not out-dated and has relevant information about it. Your topic has to be in tune with the ever changing world. And your topic should lead to a certain end result. And the result should concrete as well as feasible.

By following the above mentioned steps, you can definitely come out with a great MBA Project that can further your chances of finding the best job for you.

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Liver Damage Signs

The Liver

The liver is a very tolerant organ and there is little evidence to suggest that it has an ageing problem such that, without disease, it can function properly into old age. However because most liver damage does not show symptoms and, when it does, the symptoms are often vague, many people with varying degrees of liver damage remain unaware of their liver problems.

There are over one hundred types of liver disease and collectively they affect some two million people in the UK. (Of course, this figure may be much higher as many cases of disease remain undiagnosed.) The liver, being so resourceful, is often able to work well enough even when it may be damaged. This means that you may not necessarily display obvious symptoms, or signs of liver disease or illness.

What the liver does

The liver is situated on the right hand side of your body just below the rib cage. It is the largest gland, and the largest solid organ in the body, weighing some 1.8 kgs in men and 1.3 kgs in women. It holds approximately 13% (about one pint or 0.57 litres) of your total blood supply.

The liver is dark reddish-brown in colour and is divided into two main lobes. About 60% of the liver is made up of liver cells called hepatocytes which absorb nutrients and detoxify and remove harmful substances from the blood. The liver is a hard working organ and carries out 1000s of functions per day, including:

  • Cleansing the blood
  • Helping regulate blood sugar
  • Metabolising fats
  • Synthesizing Vitamin A
  • Breaking down toxic substances.
  • Storing iron for the body
The Liver and Alcohol

Most people think that alcohol is fairly harmless and something to be enjoyed. Other than a few ill effects the next day, and maybe putting on a bit of weight, alcohol may not seem to have any long lasting effects, but it can.
Alcohol is the major cause of death in the UK and recent research suggests that drinking even slightly more than the recommended amount can cause significant liver damage.

Types of Liver Disease

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to three types of liver conditions - fatty liver, hepatitis, and cirrhosis. Any, or all, of these conditions can occur at the same time in the same person.

A build-up of fat occurs within liver cells in most people who regularly drink heavily. In itself, fatty liver is not usually serious and does not cause symptoms. Fatty liver will usually reverse if you stop drinking heavily.

Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. The inflammation can range from mild to severe.

Mild hepatitis may not cause any symptoms. The only indication of inflammation may be an abnormal level of liver enzymes in the blood which can be detected by a blood test.

A more severe hepatitis tends to cause symptoms such as feeling sick, jaundice (yellowing of the skin caused by a high level of bilirubin - a chemical normally metabolised in the liver), generally feeling unwell, and sometimes pain over the liver.

A very severe bout of alcoholic hepatitis can quickly lead to liver failure.

Cirrhosis is a condition where normal liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue (fibrosis). The scarring tends to be a gradual process. The scar tissue affects the normal structure and re-growth of liver cells. Liver cells become damaged and die as scar tissue gradually develops. So, the liver gradually loses its ability to function well. The scar tissue can also affect the blood flow through the liver which can cause 'back pressure' in the blood vessels which bring blood to the liver.

Liver Function Tests

A liver function test tests for damage to liver cells by testing for two enzymes, ALT and AST. Normally these enzymes are largely present inside liver cells. However, damage to the liver can cause more ALT and AST to leak into the blood. Therefore, raised levels of these enzymes can be an important indicator of liver damage.

A liver function test is also suitable for anyone that is concerned about their alcohol consumption, overweight, or on long term medication.

The test is an easy to use, finger prick blood test which is confidential too as it can be taken in the comfort of your home.

By using a mail order postal service there is no need to visit a specialist or laboratory.

Reputable suppliers of liver function tests offer clinically validated liver enzyme tests with laboratory test results.

For further information about liver damage and liver function tests please see http://www.livertest.biz and http://www.squidoo.com/liverdamagetest.

Cheap Ski Boots

Whether you're skiing at Les Menuires for the first time, or the pistes are your second home, the most important piece of equipment that you can own is a pair of ski boots that are matched to both your skiing ability and the snow conditions. Using the right pair of ski boots can help your technique and also help you learn faster. The wrong pair can have people swearing off skiing for the rest of their lives, and you may just overhear such stories while you relax in your Les Menuires ski chalet with new friends. The resort has many ski rental shops and supply stores for those who don't have a pair of their own - though if you're serious about skiing, investing in a good pair of cheap ski boots is a wise decision.

Outer Shell

Ski boots cradle your feet and transfer movement to your skis, and there are thousands of brands and models to choose from. When you're selecting a pair, it's important to be honest - racing boots won't help much if you're a novice skier and still struggling with your balance! All ski boots have one thing in common - a hard outer shell, made of plastic and designed to contain the inner lining and to support your ankles and feet when clicked into your bindings. The density of the shell often determines how easy or difficult it is to get in and out of your boots; local Les Menuires ski enthusiasts will be happy to tell you about their own preferred brands, and the ease (or lack thereof) of donning them!


All ski boots use three or four buckles to control the amount of tension over your forefoot, and around your ankle. One feature to look out for on a boot is 'micro-adjustment' - on the buckles, 'micro-adjustments' provide a very high degree of control over how your boots fit. The right pair fit like a slipper and they might even be comfortable enough to wear around your Les Menuires ski chalet! Around the ankles of your ski boots, you'll find the power strap, a 30-40 millimetre Velcro enclosure that provides upper ankle and lower leg support; it is one of the most important aspects of the boot in injury prevention. As most skiers can tell you, one of their major worries is that a leg injury will curtail their skiing during the duration of their holiday.


Ski boots also come with a wide variety of replaceable liners. The ones you choose might depend on many factors, including the model of your boots, and your individual needs as a skier. Boots using a 'high volume' liner are the best for narrow feet, and often the most comfortable. 'Low volume' liners are used for people with wider feet. It can be a good idea to select and purchase ski boots well ahead of your Les Menuires ski holiday - proper care when choosing the fitting can save you a lot of pain in the chalet! Les Menuires has many shops that can ensure you get a good fit - after determining the proper shell size, liners are injected with liquid plastic that forms around the individual shape of your feet.

Danielle Hodges is Marketing Manager for Ski Amis, a specialist ski travel agency, and booking service offering bonded Les Menuires ski holidays, in fantastic catered or self-catered chalets. For a luxury or good-value Les Menuires ski holiday, Ski Amis is the ideal choice

Online MBA ranking

Look for reviews - The next thing that I do is look for un-biased reviews. Don't email the college, because they are going to send success stories, and try to sell the college. This is something that you don't want. Instead, what you can do is look for message board postings, or even post an ad on Craigslist looking to talk to someone. You want to know online mba ranking and what the colleges can do for you.

Masters Business Administration

What is Masters Business administration?

MBA is a Master of Business Administration which is also often called School business management and
Masters business administration. One can surely say that this is the most famous diploma in business and management for postgraduate education. This diploma is recognized worldwide. Universities of different countries engage in these programs. No matter what industry you are going to apply their knowledge - industry, agriculture, business or somewhere else - Masters Business administration will give you the opportunity to work effectively in the field of management. School business management
 qualification will enable the holder to enter the higher realms of international business and open up new attractive opportunities and prospects.

Starting MBA salary

A significant salary change can be seen in a person's salary if he or she completes an MBA program while working in an organization. But, there are a number of factors determining the salary offer like the area of specialization, prior earnings profile, pre-MBA work experience, geographic location and cost of living, and the academic record in the business school he or she attends. Compensation packages will also be offered. Consider a person working in a reputed business company earning a salary of $25,000 per year; the average MBA salary will increase up to $50,000 or $60,000 after his MBA graduation.

MBA colleges in India

Students who dream of getting admission in the best of business schools to study MBA can choose Eastern India as the place to be in. Eastern India has some of the world famous IIMs offering ample MBA opportunities to both Indian and NRI pupils. Apart from the well known IIM-Calcutta and XLRI, there is the new IIM-Ranchi in Jharkhand to offer the best of managerial education to students. In this article we talk about some of the best MBA colleges in  India and also check out what is the ranking of top B schools in Kolkata.
There are many people who aspire to achieve an MBA degree as it is one of the most prestigious degrees especially for people who are interested in the field of business and finance. "Finance is the backbone of every economy", this statement tells us about the importance of finance in the economy and why one should know about it. To go down deeper into the subject one has to study and research about it. An MBA degree can be achieved by anyone irrespective of them being students or professionals. It only takes them to higher levels of success. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to study full time by taking admission in a proper university. This can happen due to various reasons. It mainly happens with the professionals who are working and want to get an MBA degree at the same time. Well, there is a solution to this problem and that is accredited MBA programs. These are online programs which are gaining more and more popularity these days due to the flexibility it provides.